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While most other online Airsoft retailers offer either no warranty, a 30-day warranty, or some other warranty that is lacking in both terms and coverage time, Airsoft Megastore is proud to offer the best product warranty in the Airsoft industry. We provide a 45-day comprehensive warranty on most of the products we carry (unless otherwise stated), which covers items purchased against inherent defects in manufacturing and/or workmanship under standard operating condition - see below for full details on the terms of warranty coverage. We work hard to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and are committed to providing top-notch service be it before, during, or after your purchase.

Warranty Terms

Airsoft Megastore provides a full 45-day warranty on most items purchased from us, to start the day a customer takes delivery of the product(s). Before opening and playing with your purchase, please take note of the warranty exclusions listed below for reference, as failure to adhere to any of the following exclusions may result in a voided warranty. All exclusions are clearly listed below so that there is no confusion when determining warranty status/eligibility.

For items that are deemed to be serviceable under said warranty, Airsoft Megastore retains full discretion to repair or replace the item(s) using new, refurbished, or reconditioned but functionally identical parts and/or accessories.

If an item covered under warranty is deemed to be unfit for repair, Airsoft Megastore retains full discretion in replacing the item with a brand new, identical model. Please keep in mind that by making a purchase from Airsoft Megastore, the buyer agrees to be subject to and bound by any and all terms, details, and exclusions listed on this disclosure of warranty page, as making a purchase constitutes a buyer's complete comprehension of the warranty policy and all other policies listed on this website.

NOTE: If you wish to purchase an extended warranty, you cannot stack coverage. For example, if you get the 90-day warranty, you do not get an additional 90 days on top of the 45 days outlined above; you get 90 days of coverage on the day your item arrives.

Warranty Exclusions

Product Abuse/Neglect:
Product defects that are a result of user abuse/damage, including but not limited to physical damage, drops onto hard surfaces, accidental abuse/neglect, improper operation/storage/maintenance, lack of maintenance, exposure to liquids, high levels of humidity, dirt/mud/sand, exposure to and/all extreme weather conditions, abnormal operating conditions, and/or any or all of the above are deemed to be acts of negligence on the part of the buyer and are NOT covered under Airsoft Megastore's warranty. Furthermore, negligence also causes any warranty(s), whether stated or implied, to be voided in full.

Returns that have been broken due to use of inferior grade BBs
(low density, low quality, sporting goods store brand/grade BBs) and/or improper size/weight BBs, including all sporting-goods store branded BBs (i.e. Crosman, SoftAir USA, UltraSonic (licensed by SoftAir USA), Airstrike USA, Flying Colors, FirePower, CyberGun, CyberGun S.A., S.A., Gamo, Beeman, etc.) will be discarded or shipped back to the sender, as products using these types of BBs WILL malfunction. Inferior BBs may shatter inside the gun and indefinitely damage the gun, and/or may damage the internals, thereby ending and voiding any warranty either written or implied.

Unauthorized or Illegal Product Modification:
Product defects that are a result of modifications/upgrades manifested in any way, shape, or form are NOT covered under warranty, and causes any warranty(s) whether stated or implied, to be voided in full. This includes, but is not limited to, the installation of aftermarket/upgrade parts, the alteration of product components, the removal of orange tips (which are Federally mandated), and/or any other types of product tampering. Use of ultra-high voltage batteries including but not limited to 11.1v Li-Ion/Li-Poly (lithium polymer) batteries will cause quicker wear and will void your AEG's warranty.

Warranty Limitations and Terms:
Any and all warranties offered by Airsoft Megastore, whether written or implied, are limited to the duration of the product warranties as explicitly expressed above. Outside of the warranty period, the repair, exchange, or replacement of any and all products are the sole responsibilities of the buyer, not Airsoft Megastore. While Airsoft Megastore will continue to strive to provide top-notch after-sale service, we will NOT be held liable, contractually or verbally, for damages and/or costs incurred with any such products outside of the warranty period.

Spring Airsoft Guns/Low-Cost AEG(<$60):
All products carried by Airsoft Megastore carry a 45-day warranty with the exclusion of low-priced spring Airsoft guns. Due to the fact that spring Airsoft guns are budget minded products that maximize value and are manufactured mostly out of plastic, Airsoft Megastore carries a 15-day warranty on ALL spring Airsoft guns. The customer is responsible for the return shipping of this item. There will be a 1 time limit on the replacement/issuance of store credit per Spring/Low Cost AEG product that is purchased.

Boneyard Airsoft Guns:
All products listed and/or purchased from Airsoft Megastore's special "boneyard" category are not covered under any warranty, whether written or implied. Products found in the boneyard are items that are sold below cost due to certain inherent product issues; a description of such issues is typically found within the description of the respective boneyard item.

How to PREVENT Voiding Your Warranty:

For all Airsoft guns, do NOT use BBs found in Sporting Goods stores or at discounters like Walmart or Target. These BBs have been conclusively linked to causing IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE to your gearbox/piston/gun due to irregularities in BB shape/spherical consistency and also low density content, which often leads to BBS shattering inside your gun and damaging the internals.

For AEGs (automatic electric guns), do NOT repeatedly tap the trigger on semi-automatic (especially in a quick fashion). This will LOCK UP your gearbox and may cause possible damage to the piston assembly/gearbox. Use of ultra-high voltage batteries including but not not limited to 11.1v Li-Ion/Li-Poly (lithium polymer) batteries will cause quicker wear and will void your AEG's warranty.

For Spring Airsoft guns, do NOT repeatedly cock the gun before firing. This will cause an excessive amount of BBs to fill the chamber and cause jamming/damage to the firing assembly, thus voiding your warranty.

If you do NOT know how to adjust the hop-up on your gun, DO NOT proceed to adjust your hop-up. Over-adjustment may lead to jamming, and may cause damage to your Airsoft gun's internals.

For a more comprehensive list of tips on how to prevent voiding your warranty, please read our HELP ARTICLES IN OUR PLAYER RESOURCE CENTER.

Airsoft Megastore takes pride on offering some of the best warranty coverage in the industry. Because we have contracted Q.C. (quality control) personnel on-site at most manufacturers, we are highly confident in the quality of our products.

R/C Product Warranty

Airsoft Megastore is happy to provide a no-hassle 15 day limited warranty for all defective R/C products. Non-defective items may be returned unopened in the original packaging.

Defective Items:
If the item is defective we will replace/repair the item at our discretion. The product must be returned within 15 days of invoice date.

Items Not Available For Return:
1. Physical damage not due to shipping - Includes, but not limited to, improper use, handling and any other type of damage sustained by regular use.
2. Improperly assembled product.
3. Any product that is not returned with the original packaging and all included accessories.

Canada Flat Rate Return – Warranty Repair/Replacement

Our warranty covers most products for a period of 45 days from the date of receipt. If an item is deemed defective and returned within 45 days, we will at our discretion repair or replace the item at no charge. We assess a $34.95 Flat Rate Return Fee to you, which covers the shipping of the product back out to the customer. As long as the Flat Rate Return Fee is paid in full, any repair service or replacement of a defective product under warranty will be at no charge to the customer.
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