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What is the WeaponShield Program

The WeaponShield Extended Warranty Program Is the newest innovation to come from Airsoft Megastore, and is the FIRST AND ONLY full-service extended warranty program for Airsoft products in the world. It's just another reason why we've retained the title of #1 fastest-growing Airsoft retailer in the nation, back-to-back, year after year. WeaponShield extended warranties provide affordable peace of mind in extending the warranty of your Airsoft gun to provide up to 12X longer coverage than what's provided from the manufacturer (if any). Hence, WeaponShield-covered Airsoft guns are protected against defects in workmanship and quality to give you greater peace of mind and confidence In use.

NOTE: The WeaponShield warranty will void the default 45-day warranty. You cannot stack warranties. For example, if you get the 90-day warranty, you do not get an additional 90 days on top of the 45 days.

Can I register any Airsoft Weapon in the WeaponShield Program?

Unfortunately, at this time, only brand new weapons purchased from Airsoft Megastore are eligible for WeaponShleld coverage. WeaponShield coverage must actually be purchased TOGETHER with the gun in order to be properly activated, as our trained technicians will actually perform an extensive pre-ship inspection to ensure that the product Is fully functional, and will also perform necessary preventative maintenance (in some cases) before the brand new product is shipped out with WeaponShield coverage activated.

Airsoft Megastore works closely with Airsoft gun manufacturers and distributors worldwide to ensure the quality of products eligible for coverage under WeaponShield. Because not all retailers go through the strenuous steps of ensuring the quality of their products, we are unable to cover guns purchased through any other vendors at this time due to wildly fluctuating quality.

The WeaponShield Process

Every single WeaponShield-certified Airsoft gun purchased from Airsoft Megastore goes through a rigorous pre-shipment Inspection procedure before being shipped out. This entails a multistage product quality assurance (QA) process and a live-fire functionality assurance (FA) protocol to ensure the product is in optimum performing condition and worthy of being WeaponShield-certified.

WeaponShield Warranty Terms and Conditions

General Terms of Use
WeaponShield warranties begin simultaneously with any existing manufacturer's warranty at the time you receive your product. The WeaponShield B-90 warranty covers a product for 90 days beginning on the day you receive the product, the WeaponShield ULTI MATE-180 warranty covers a product for 180 days beginning on the day you receive the product. and the WeaponShield EXTREME-365 covers a product for a full 365 days beginning on the day you receive the product.

For items that are deemed to be serviceable under said warranty, Airsoft Megastore retains full discretion to repair or replace the items) using new, refurbished, or reconditioned but functionally identical parts and/or accessories.

If an item covered under Weapon Shield warranty is deemed to be unfit for repair, Airsoft Megastore retains full discretion in replacing the item with a brand new, identical model. Please keep in mind that by purchasing and activating WeaponShield coverage from Airsoft Megastore, the buyer agrees to be subject to and bound by any and all terms, details, and exclusions listed on this disclosure of warranty page, as making a purchase constitutes a buyer's complete comprehension of the warranty policy and all other policies listed on this website.

Extended Warranty Shipping Agreement
Shipping costs incurred from Airsoft Megastore back to the customer on a repaired/replacement item IS covered In full by Airsoft Megastore. Shipping back to Airsoft Megastore for Items covered under warranty Is NOT covered by Airsoft Megastore, and any/all costs associated with shipping an item back to Airsoft Megastore is the sole responsibility of the product's owner/user. As a courtesy to our customers, we offer DISCOUNTED return shipping labels purchased through us as an alternative to mailing a return package out via retail shipping outlets, where shipping costs may be unreasonably high. If you need a discounted return shipping label QUOTE for an RMA, please email:

WeapenShleld Warranty Exclusions - Read Carefully!
Because Airsoft products are unique in their nature, with hundreds of moving parts, warranty exclusions are present to prevent warranty abuse. Even the very BEST Airsoft guns. when used improperly, are prone to being damaged/broken. As such, the below text details situations that would VOID the WeaponShield extended warranty, as well as situations/conditions that the WeaponShield extended warranty does NOT cover (exclusions).

Product Abuse/Neglect: Product defects that are a result of user abuse/damage, including but not limited to physical damage, drops onto hard surfaces, accidental abuse/neglect, Improper operation/storage/maintenance, lack of maintenance, exposure to liquids, high levels of humidity, dirt/mud/sand, exposure to any/all extreme weather conditions, abnormal operating conditions, and/or any or all of the above are deemed to be acts of negligence on the part of the buyer and are NOT covered under Airsoft Megastore's warranty. Furthermore, negligence also causes any warranty(s), whether stated or implied, to be voided in full.

Returns that have been broken due to use of inferior grade BBs (low density, low quality, sporting goods store brand/grade BBs) and/or improper size/weight BBs, including all sporting-goods store branded BBs (i.e. Crosman, SoftAir USA, SoftAir, UltraSonic (licensed by SoftAir USA), AirStrike USA, Flying Colors, FirePower, CyberGun, CyberGun SA, Garno, Beeman. etc.) will be discarded or shipped back to the sender, as products using these types of BBs WILL malfunction. Inferior BBs may shatter Inside the gun and indefinitely damage the gun, and/or may damage the internals due to poor craftsmanship, thereby ending and voiding any warranty either written or Implied.

Unauthorized or Illegal Product Modification: Product defects that are a result of modifications/upgrades manifested in any way, shape, or form are NOT covered under warranty, and causes any warranty(s), whether stated or Implied, to be voided In full. This includes, but is not limited to, the installation of aftermarket/ upgrade parts, the alteration of product components, the removal of orange tips (which are Federally mandated), and/or any other types of product tampering. Use of ultra-high voltage batteries Including but not limited to Li-Ion/Li-Poly (lithium polymer) batteries will cause quicker wear and will void your AEG's warranty.

Warranty limitations and Terms: Any and all warranties offered by Airsoft Megastore, whether written or implied, are limited to the duration of the product warranties as explicitly expressed above. Outside of the warranty period, the repair, exchange, or replacement of any and all products are the sole responsibilities of the buyer, not Airsoft Megastore. While Airsoft Megastore will continue to strive to provide top-notch after-sale service, we will NOT be held liable, contractually or verbally. for damages and/or costs incurred with any such products outside of the warranty period.

4 Simple Tips on How to Prevent Voiding Your Warranty

The 4 tips below, if observed, should ensure that you are not operating your Airsoft product In such a manner that would cause the warranty to be voided. Follow them at all times and you will be covered!

For ALL Airsoft guns, do NOT use BBs found In Sporting Goods stores or at discounters like Walmart or K-Mart. These BBs have been conclusively linked to causing IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE to your gearbox/piston/gun due to irregularities in BB shape/spherical consistency and also low density content, which often leads to BBs shattering inside your gun and damaging the internals.

For electric AEGs, make sure to charge the battery for the proper amount of time or charge the battery with a smart charger. The simple formula for how many HOURS to charge your depleted battery is: Total MAH rating of the battery (i.e. 1400 mah) divided by the hourly MAH charge rate of the charger (typically found on charger's label, i.e. 150 mah). A 1400 mah battery that's being charged with a 250 mah/hr wall charger would take 1400 / 150 = 5.6 = approx. 5 and a half hours to fully charge. Leaving a battery plugged in overnight could overcharge the battery and damage the battery cells.

For AEGs (automatic electric guns), do NOT repeatedly tap the trigger on semi-automatic (especially in a quick fashion). This will LOCK UP your gearbox and may cause possible damage to the piston assembly/gearbox. Use of ultra-high voltage batteries including but not limited to Li-lon/Li-Poly (lithium polymer) batteries will cause quicker wear and will void your AEG's warranty.

If you do NOT know how to adjust the hop-up on your gun, DO NOT proceed to adjust your hop-up. Over-adjustment may lead to jamming, and may cause damage to your Airsoft gun's internals.

How Do I Report a WeaponShield extended warranty claim outside of the original manufactuere's warranty?

If you have purchased a WeaponShield extended warranty for your Airsoft product, and want to file a warranty claim outside the 45 day warranty (effectively exercising your WeaponShield Extended Warranty), simply send the following Information to:

1. Your first and last name.

2. Your original order number

3. A detailed account of the issue you are having with your Airsoft gun.

4. At least ONE (x1) working phone number where a WeaponShield Certified Gun Technician can reach you at during business hours (M-F, 8am-5pm PST).

WeaponShield Warranty Claim Process Steps

Step 1: Report your warranty claim and provide us details of the Issue you are having.

Step 2: A WeaponShield warranty technician will get back to you with custom-created troubleshooting instructions if applicable, or will issue you an RMA # with which to return the product.

a. If you are able to troubleshoot the product, your case will be closed, saving you valuable time and money over having to return the product.

b. If you are not able to troubleshoot the product. you will return the product for repair/replacement under WeaponShield Warranty.

Step 3: Once a product is returned, it will be inspected to ensure that the warranty has not been voided.

Step 4: After the product passes inspection, a WeaponShield technician will diagnose and either repair or replace the returned product. typically within 3-8 business days.

Step 5: A repaired or new replacement product will be thoroughly tested for quality, per stringent WeaponShield quality certification guidelines, before it ships back to you.

Step 6: You receive your product back in the mail within 3-6 business days (depending on your location)!
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